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meet the animal ambassadors

Since 1998 the Museum has housed a small collection of non-releasable birds of prey.  Over the years, reptiles, amphibians and mammals have joined the ranks of live animal educators. They represent a sampling of the types of wildlife that you can see living in New England and are the stars of our educational programming.


If you would like some of these animals to visit your school, library, special event or any other gathering, contact us and schedule a program!



If you find an injured wild animal be sure to get it to a veterinarian or licensed wildlife rehabilitator as soon as possible.

The Museum's education and exhibit animals are all held under State and Federal permits. Each of our permanent residents is in captivity for a reason and would not survive in the wild. Most of the birds have physical handicaps and many of the reptiles are unwanted pets. Most of our animals are available for on or off-site educational programs. 

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