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Sylvia the Wood Turtle


Wood Turtle   [Glyptemys insculpta]

Average Adult Size: 5" - 7" long and weigh up to 3.4 lbs.

Sylvia was found crossing a parking lot in Brattleboro, VT.  Her rescuers noticed that she was missing toes and oddly didn’t hide in her shell.  Fearing injury, Sylvia was brought to a wildlife rehabilitator who believed that she was a released pet and kept her for the next 11 years.  In 2011 Fish and Wildlife relocated the turtle to the Museum.

Wood Turtles are a species of special concern in Vermont and populations seem to be declining throughout their range.  An unusual threat to these turtles is collection for pets.  This happens when random people encounter wild turtles, who sometimes show little fear of humans, or as part of organized poaching operations.

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