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The Southern Vermont Natural History Museum was founded around the Historic Luman Nelson Natural History Collection.  With over 600 mounted specimens of native northeastern birds and mammals, close to 250 species are represented.  This is the largest collection of its kind in Vermont .  In addition to the Natural History exhibit, the Museum houses a northeastern Mineralogy Collection, Live Animal exhibits and presents educational programs on site and around the region.

If you find an injured wild animal be sure to get it to a veterinarian or licensed wildlife rehabilitator as soon as possible.

The Luman R. Nelson Natural History Collection is an historic collection of Northeastern birds and mammals including over 250 species in custom dioramas.  Collected in the early 1900’s this is the largest collection of its kind in Vermont and one of the largest in the Northeast.

The collection is currently in storage and not available for public viewing

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Opossum - M. Morgan-Oakes
live animals

The Museum is home to a variety of non-releasable Northeastern wildlife. Each of these animals has a story and a role in the Museum's education mission.

With a focus on local animals, our Wildlife Ambassadors can help introduce you to the wildlife that lives in your own back yard.

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