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In 2022 the Pool Learning Center and Wilmington, VT Masonic Lodge donated 7.5 acres of land and a 1600 square foot building to the Southern Vermont Natural History Museum. This generous gift has become the staging area for the Museum's next exciting incarnation!
pool nature center

The Pool Nature Center Building was designed to provide one-on-one assistance to students with dyslexia and other learning differences. We will continue that tradition of education after making slight modifications to the interior of the building. We will create a classroom-sized presentation space and provide safe housing for our reptiles, amphibians and other small animals.

canaday pavilion.JPG

The Canaday Family Pavillion was built in the summer of 2023 thanks to a generous gift from the Canaday Family Foundation. This 30 x 40 pavilion will be made available to the public and other organizations in 2024. The Museum will also use it for presentation and camp space.

Pool center parking.JPG


Thanks to a Vermont Outdoor Recreation Economic Collaborative (VOREC) Community Grant, we were able to expand parking capacity and improve the existing driveway.

enclosures 12-8


Thanks to generous community support, we are relocating our live education animals to the Pool Nature Center. This will not be a public facility but the animals will come out regularly for both on-site and traveling programs.

We are very excited about the addition of the Pool Nature Center to the Museum's resources. If you would like to learn more about how we are planning to use the site, and how you can be involved in our next steps, contact us.
If you would like to donate to any aspect of this project, or the Southern Vermont Natural History Museum's larger mission, please do so
coming in 2024:

hiking trails

pollinator gardens

public presentations and events

winter trails
public programs
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