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Strategic Plan 2021 - 2023

Mission: To inspire stewardship and appreciation of the natural world through engaging educational experiences

Vision: A community committed to a life-long personal relationship with nature and environmental conservation


Objective 1:  To describe the characteristics of facilities that will meet the short-term needs as well as the long-term needs of housing both the museum’s collections and the museum’s "programming," i.e., everything we do that engages and educates the public.


Goal 1.1  Identify Museum’s short-term facility needs

Goal 1.2  Identify Museum’s long-term facility needs

Goal 1.3  To visit three or more facilities that have similar components to those identified in Goal 1.2, taking into account both short-term plans and the long-term vision (online if necessary)

Goal 1.4  Identify the desirable characteristics of potential facility partners and develop a list of potential partners relevant to either the short-term plan or the long-term vision


Objective 2: To ensure sufficient financial, physical and human resources to carry out the mission and to provide long-term sustainability for the Museum.


Goal 2.1:  Build an active, diverse Board of at least 10 people who are committed to carrying out best practices in support of the mission and engage at least 4 active committees to support the Board's work

Goal 2.2:  Create a Human Resource plan that outlines the staff, both paid and unpaid, needed to carry out the programs and to sustain a thriving organization

Goal 2.3:  Increase income to support program, facility, and personnel needs


Objective 3: To increase awareness and understanding of the Museum and its mission through expanded partnerships and improved branding, marketing, and public relations initiatives.


Goal 3.1:  To create and implement a powerful, identifiable and engaging brand

Goal 3.2:  To create and implement a marketing plan for the Northeast region in order to enhance engagement through increased visitation and educational outreach program participation


Objective 4: To carry out programs and other initiatives that will maximize participant and visitor enjoyment, understanding, and knowledge of the natural world.


Goal 4.1:  Expand engagement to 50 new/first time program customers (school, scouts, etc.) within a 50-mile radius of existing facility

Goal 4.2:  Form X# (to be determined within goal) of new partnerships to enable expanded programming.  Partners are defined as like-minded or complementary organizations that could work with us as sponsors of or active participants in coordinated educational activities (i.e. nature centers, museums, social groups). These would exclude traditional customers such as schools and libraries but may also act as customers by hiring the Museum for presentations, etc.

Goal 4.3:  Create and adapt curriculum to accommodate both traditional and remote learning opportunities

Goal 4.4:  Provide onsite guests with a personal, fun and engaging experience

SVNHM Strategic plan summary flow chart

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