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AMKE Beauty


American Kestrel   [Falco Sparverius]

20-24" Wingspan

This beautiful little kestrel arrived at the Museum as a young bird in 2022.  She was found earlier that year in Bristol Vermont at only  a few days old.  Unable to be returned to the nest, she was turned over to wildlife rehabilitators. Sadly, she was so young she became “human imprinted” and now identifies with humans instead of other kestrels. this "mental handicap" will prevent her from surviving int eh wild or ever intereacting with other kestrels.

Kestrels are the smallest day-time birds of prey in North America and weigh in at under a ¼ pound.  These fierce little falcons hunt open fields for large insects, small rodents and other birds.  Also called the sparrow hawk, watch for them hovering throughout the Untied States.

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