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Owl Post



Before cleaning out the attic, please take a look at our wish list.  There  are a wide variety of items that we can use that you might be tossing out! 

  • Towels and Newspapers

  • Digital Projector for presentations

  • Dust Mop 

  • Kongs and similar "dog toys" for animal enrichment

  • Office supplies

  • Building materials and coated chain-link fencing for raptor enclosure upgrades

  • Individuals with fundraising and marketing expertise

  • Photos and videos from our programs and/or your museum visit

  • Vacuum cleaner for carpets and stairs

  • Parachute cord

  • Same-key (5) padlock set or outdoor combination locks

  • Skulls, furs, turtle shells, other natural history tid-bits

  • Mounted Raccoon, Otter, Flying squirrel, Muskrat and Skunk in good condition

  • Gift cards for Building Supply stores, One Stop Pet Supply in Brattleboro

  • High quality artwork depicting Vermont wildlife and scenery

  • Carpenters looking to volunteer for structural and finish work projects

  • High protein catfood, meat and fish donations.  We'll take your old hens and roosters!

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