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Miss Nutbrown Domestic Rabbit


Domestic Rabbit   [Oryctolagus Cuniculus]


Like the other rabbit, Elmer, Little Miss Nutbrown lives off site and can be seen at the Museum when we have special events.  She can also be seen at outreach programs.

Miss Nutbrown has quite a story.  Her mother was found along the river in Brattleboro and brought to the Museum as a potential educator.  She didn’t seem to be very well suited to the life of an education animal so we placed her with one of the Museum’s volunteers who had fallen in love with the rabbit.  The next day this rescued rabbit had five babies.  Under the loving care of the family, all of the little ones grew up to be very people friendly and handleable- perfect traits for an education rabbit, so Miss Nutbrown came back to the Museum!

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