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This Giving Tuesday, support animal care!

On this Giving Tuesday, we welcome your contributions to support the Museum's live education animals. These animals are unwanted or illegal pets, wild animals with permanent handicaps or others who were cast off by other nature centers.

When the Museum first began taking in non-releasable wildlife, the bulk of our food came from direct donations from suppliers. Today, the Museum spends close to $6,000 a year solely on food, plus additional supplies.

Your donation will go towards food for all of the animals, full spectrum heat lights for the reptiles, new filters for the water turtles, bedding for the opossums, and all the other essential items for our animals' care and well being! Thank you for making a difference. 

other ways to give

As a private 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, the Museum  is always on the lookout for support. Due to our non-profit status, donations of money, time or materials are all tax deductible.
EIN: 03-0353083
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