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The Museum site in West Marlboro will be Closed for the immediate future.

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a letter from the executive director

Outdoor explorations near the Museum
Seeing a Barred Owl is always a delight!
cedar the eastern screech owl
wood duck exhibit
Humphrey the box turtle
Some of the Museum's exhibits

Dear Friends, 

Due to unforeseen circumstances related to building conditions, Southern Vermont Natural History Museum (SVNHM) has decided to close its museum to public visitation. SVNHM remains open as a nonprofit museum organization and will continue to provide its signature nature-based education programs throughout Vermont and its neighboring states, as well as hosting periodic classes, camps, and events at its Mountainside location.


We are in the process of moving our offices, staff, animals, and volunteer program to Adams Cross Road where Mountainside is located. If you are not familiar with Mountainside, this recently acquired property includes 7 acres of land and trails, a 1600 square foot building (the site of the former Pool Learning Center) and a newly erected outdoor pavilion. The plan is to finish building enclosures and to fully relocate our people and animals by the end of October 2023. Closing the museum site at this time will allow staff to divert their energies to the important work of coordinating temporary storage for the collection and planning to move animals to this nearby property.  

While this interruption to our public museum programming and move from our current home does evoke some bittersweet feelings, we ultimately see this as an opportunity for positive change. This evolution as an organization will open doors and allow us to achieve new things—to act as a resource to the community in a way that is not possible at a leased location. We hope that you will join us during this time of transition at one of our many community programs and continue to support the efforts of Southern Vermont Natural History Museum at its new Mountainside home.  


Please feel free to reach out should you have any questions. We also encourage you to spread the word about the organization’s future plans.   


Thank you for your support of Southern Vermont Natural History Museum.   

The Museum aims to inspire stewardship and appreciation of the natural world through engaging educational experiences. Our vision is a community committed to a life-long personal relationship with nature and environmental conservation. 


Support for the Museum goes towards educational programs, maintenance and improvements to our facility, and care for our live animals.

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Our programs use live animals, outdoor exploration, audio-visual components, and hands-on activities to bring science and the nature of Vermont alive!

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We host public and pop-up events throughout the year at various locations. Check out our events calendar for our current lineup.

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