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Museum outreach programs are designed to be both educational and fun. Our professional staff prides itself on adapting presentations to meet the needs of your specific group.  We will travel to your site anywhere in Vermont and adjacent regions of our neighboring States.
Programs cover a wide variety of topics and can include hands-on science, outdoor activities, games and live animals.

Contact us HERE to schedule a program, with questions or to discuss a customized program  for your group.

Live Animal Presentations


You're one, so is your dog and so is your cat!  But what does it take to be part of this exclusive club?  We'll take a close look at the what it takes to be a mammal, examine some mammal furs, skulls and even meet a couple of our furry education animals.  This program takes place indoors but can include some of the outdoor games used in our other programs.  For a more diverse study, this program can also include a great slideshow of Vermont Mammals!  

Wildlife Tales 

Take a literary journey around the world as our very own Storytelling Naturalist shares tales of animals and magic from around the world.  With each story, a live animal will visit to bring a natural history piece to the myth and legends!  Adaptable to all age groups and a big hit wherever we present it!


This birds of prey program focuses on the raptor night shift. The adaptations that make owls the supreme hunters of the night is the focus with an exploration into the various species that call the Northeast home. We’ll bring live owls, touchable artifacts and interactive demonstrations to make this an unforgettable presentation.


SYMBOL OF THE SUN: Raptors and Us

The relationship between humans and birds of prey goes back thousands of years.  An interactive slideshow and discussion is punctuated with live birds of prey that will help us see what our ancestors saw as they watched these magnificent predators.


Meet some of the museum’s live animal educators for an up-close look at the incredible Turtles! Interactive demonstrations and engaging discussion are highlit with live turtles from the museum collection. We’ll have the opportunity to watch a turtle swim, learn why snapping turtles snap and meet a threatened Vermont turtle!

TURTLES TO TOADS: Herps of the North

The reptiles and amphibians of Vermont are some of our least understood and most fascinating animals. Museum staff will present an interactive slideshow, introduce us to live animals and touchable artifacts. Afraid of snakes? Don’t worry, we can help.



Meet the birds of prey! Three to four live hawks, owls and falcons will come for a face-to-face exploration of what it takes to be a raptor. The optional slideshow enhances the program with a wider range of species and topic possibilities.


A variety of live animals will be on-hand to put a face to the challenges Northeastern wildlife must rise to meet. Museum staff will bring furs, skulls and other artifacts for an exploration of our local fauna. Special focus programs are encouraged!

Working Landscape Variation

Vermont Wildlife with an historic twist! We’ll travel through the history of Vermont with a special look at events that shaped the way we use the land around us. Our live animal ambassadors will serve as example species as we look at how different events in our history changed the land and the species that could live on it. A multi-media presentation and plenty of discussion support the animal encounters.

Science, Historical and Guided Explorations


Using Diana Todd’s study of the 1770’s Bishop family farm as an example, Museum staff will walk us through the changing land use and attitudes towards our natural resources from 1760’s to present. Interwoven with the historical facts will be observational tools that you can use to explore the history of your own back yards. Artifacts and interactive discussion supplement this audio-visual focused presentation. A guided exploration of your local field and forest can lend a fantastic outdoor component, supporting the information and skills presented during the formal program.

This presentation is made possible by a generous donation from the Riverledge Foundation.


How does the climate, geology and human history of our State influence what plant communities and animal species exist here? An interactive presentation, touchable artifacts and hands-on activities will explore the interactions that balance Vermont’s natural world. Ideally, this program will take place outdoors in your local forest or woodlot. Food Web and Ecosystem foci are also available.


Building on “What is a Watershed?” or as a stand-alone program, this field survey is a fun, hands-on immersion into your local water resources. Students will learn to use water quality test kits and capture aquatic life to measure the health of their local water resources.


This program explores your local watershed: how it works and what factors are influencing your water quality. Hands-on activities and water quality experiments are a valuable supplement to this presentation. Every Watershed program is customized to target your specific area.

Ask us to create a program just for you. We're happy to discuss your site and needs.
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