Mount Snow Resort

September 22, 2019

10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Admission by donation

Live Animals


Outdoor Groups


Chairlift Rides




Participating Groups:



Wildlife Encounters

Vermont Fish and Wildlife

Squam Lakes Nature Science Center



Main Stage Presentations:


Wildlife Encounters and Ecology Center 11:00    

Wildlife Encounters will bring a variety of native animals and some of their exotic cousins to kick off our most crittertastic year yet!  Connecting people to wildlife from around the world, Wildlife Encounters offers an up close experience you won’t forget!

Vermont Institute of Natural Science 12:00    

VINS presents Wild Bird Rescue, a program about the work done by Avian Rehabbers and how you can help the VINS Center for Wild Bird Rehabilitation save our feathered neighbors. Come learn how to safely rescue and transport a Red-Tailed Hawk, everything you need to know about helping baby Eastern Screech Owls, and how a Barred Owl was cared for in Rehab.  

Southern Vermont Natural History Museum 1:00    

The Museum will bring this summer’s Department of Libraries program, Wildlife Stories, to the festival for a look at some traditional tales from around the world.  Each story will feature a live animal and will include some of the science of each creature as well as how they fit into the cultures of their native lands.

Wolfgard Northeast 2:00   

Wild Canids -- Past and Present: Wild carnivores past and present have left their mark in the Northeast.  Who are they?  What stories do we tell about them?  Join Wolfgard Northeast for a blending of science, story, and hands-on experience about wild and domestic canids.

Squam Lakes Science Center 3:00  

Are you curious about the wildlife that inhabits the Northeast? Join a Squam Lakes Natural Science Center

naturalist to meet some wild animals that you could encounter in our forests, fields, or wetlands.  With a focus on

our back yard mammals, get ready to get up close to some fantastic critters!

More walks and talks!

Wildlife Festival participants will use the picnic area as a place to meet for walks and lead informal programs.

Already on the schedule:  

10:30 Birding on Mount Snow

Cory Ross of Southeast Vermont Audubon will lead a group on a leasurely walk around the lower slopes of the Mountain looking for some of this fall’s migrating songbirds, raptors and waterfowl


11:30 The REAL coyote

Speaking at the Project Coyote table, biologist and sheep farmer Chris Schadler will look at the facts and fictions of this amazing predator.  She will share cutting edge information about what our Eastern Coyote really is, how to get along with them and why open hunting seasons nationwide aren’t reducing their population.

12:30 Fairy Houses and Gnome Homes!

 Join The Nature Museum at Grafton for a short walk to the forest's edge where children and adults will have a chance to learn how to build a tiny home for fantastical forest creatures.  Each child or group will be able to construct a home and then have the chance to take a tour of what everyone has built.

For more information call: [802] 464-0048

Thank you to the Deerfield Valley Chamber of Commerce, Dover, and

Mount Snow Resort.

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