As a private 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, the Museum  is always on the lookout for support.

Due to our non-profit status, donations of money, time or materials are all tax deductible.


Monetary support for the Museum goes towards educational programs and maintenance of our education animals and exhibits.

Contact Executive Director Ed Metcalfe to discuss supporting the Museum in a specific way or with questions.

Take a look at our Wish List for some material donation ideas. 


Members of the community have so much to offer. Some volunteers stand out with a special area of expertise that the Museum can call upon when needed.

Others come weekly for regular cleaning or animal care projects or are on-call to help out with programs or assist the Museum staff with unexpected tasks.

Contact our Museum Volunteer Coordinator to discuss an individualized volunteer program for you.  We are currently very interested in volunteers able to help with:

  • Cleaning

  • Animal Care

  • On-site Presentations and tours

  • Fundraising

  • Administrative assistance

  • Occasional driving for materials pick-up

What does your support mean?

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