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The largest Natural History exhibit of its kind in Vermont,

a northeastern mineralogy collection, and live animal exhibits . . .  scroll down to meet our animals and check out our displays!

Non-releasable Birds of Prey
Non-Releasable Birds of Prey


Since 1998 the Museum has housed a small collection of non-releasable birds of prey. They represent a sample of the types of birds you can see living in New England, and are the stars of our educational programming

Turtles and Snakes


Click here to meet our scaly friends and learn about these ecologically valuable and often misunderstood animals. Many of these animals are unwanted pets, sadly this becomes true of most pet reptiles. 

Opossum - M. Morgan-Oakes


Insects, fish, arachnids, and mammals! Take a peek at the varied critters who round out our live animal educators. These animals provide a valuable look at some of the varied wildlife of New England and the world. 

albino fox.JPG


The Luman R. Natural History collection is a historic collection of northeastern birds and mammals, including over 250 species in custom dioramas. Collected in the early 1900's, this is the largest collection of its kind in Vermont and one of the largest in the northeast. 



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